Beware of the Many Lottery Scams

One of the biggest dreams anyone can ever think of is to land it really big in a lottery jackpot. Winning in a lottery may yet be labeled as the dream of the century. Unsurprisingly, with the great interest in winning huge amounts in a lottery would come conspiring men who cash in on lottery scams.

What's surprising is that new lottery scams spring up every day just to try which one will fall for their con schemes. In effect, there are a lot of victims of these lottery scams. People should become more aware of the modus operandi of con men and report these to the police.

Many lottery scams of today include foreign lotteries like the Canadian and Spanish lotteries. So, if you don't remember participating in any foreign lottery and have been contacted regarding such, you can bet that this is a lottery scam.

Majority of the cases of lottery scams will have the victims contacted by con artists by mail. The letter will inform the victim that they have won a lottery prize. Take note, this lottery prize you just won will most likely be in some foreign lottery. The letter will also state that the "winners" will be contacted soon by the lottery "officials".

Why in the world would lottery "officials" have to contact you when you've won in some foreign lottery? Here's the rest of the catch of the lottery scam. The phone will ring a few days later with the lottery official at the other end of the line. The victims will again be informed of the lottery prize. These con guys will sound official enough and polite enough to fool anybody. They will then explain that your lottery prize is now ready for transfer. After the bait is set, here's the hook: you would only have to pay the "release" fee so the money can be transferred to you promptly.

One good tip, the moment you hear that you have to pay some sort of fee to get your prize you can already be sure that it is a lottery scam. Remember that there is no such thing as some sort of fee for a lottery winner to pay so they could get their prize.

The funny thing is that this lottery scam really works! One reason is that the con men will only target the people in your neighborhood who are more trusting. A lot of these folks who have become victims of lottery scams are our pensioners. Victims across the nation have lost money and/or their life savings to these lottery scams.

Lottery scam methods may not always involve getting a letter or a phone call. Some methods use e-mails, the postal service, telephone, and even contacting the victim directly. Police are stepping up efforts to curb and stop lottery scams. All we need to do is to be aware and let everyone else know about and cooperate with law enforcement authorities.