Asian Theme Casino Room is Now Open at Caesars

It may look like festive celebrations of Chinese New Year in Chinatown at the middle of the year, but this is not. The lion dance that is circling wildly to the hot beating of drums and sharp clash of cymbals is a ceremony to symbolize the opening of Asian casino theme room.

This is a jovial ceremony that combines ancient culture of Asian with the good capitalism spirit of the Americans. The ceremony took place at the Caesars casino in Atlantic City.

The traditional Chinese lion dance is a good luck charm that will attract good luck to the newly created Asian casino room. The Asian inspired casino room at Caesars Atlantic City is worth fifteen million dollars. This casino room is the latest attraction in the casino game industry and it is designed to attract rich Asian casino gamblers.

The casino room is now popularly known as the Palace East, it has chic gaming area blended with different Asian philosophy, architecture and icons. Antiques and modern art accent brown hues, green and gold. Furnishings take us back to the styles of Ming dynasty.

The casino room has some slot games but most of the games are the casino games that Asian prefers to play . The popular casino games available in Asian theme room are Pai Gow tiles, Pai Gow, baccarat and mini baccarat.

All in all, there are twenty two available table games and they are staffed with dealers who can understand and speak various Asian languages. All the available games does not have the number four or any of its variations.

Vice president of Asian marketing for Caesars, Paul Liu stated that the number four or any combinations that has number four on it is a sign of bad luck. Chinese consider the number four as death so in great reference on that the number four is nowhere to be found in this Asian theme casino room.

A restaurant and noodle bar is also available to serve sumptuous Asian delicacies for casino guests.

In Atlantic City, Palace Casino is the most luxurious casino room that caters to Asian needs. Casinos that are Asian inspired are on the rise for the past two years to attract rich Asian markets in Philadelphia, New York, Washington and New Jersey.

Senior vice president and general manager of Caesars, Dan Nita, says that Palace Casino was really built to make sure that Asian players will play and enjoy all the casino games available.

Asians are known for their passion for gambling. The love for gambling is directly shown in Macau. Macau is considered to be the Las Vegas of Asia and it is where the revenues are even higher than in the Strip.

Casino player from Arlington, Va., Duoc Nguyen said he only likes to gamble in Caesars and the opening of Asian theme casino room will give him more reasons to play, gamble and most of all to have a great fun.

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