Gambling with the Addams

The slot machine is a good way to have fun, and hopefully some dough. This gambling machine has been proven time and again to be one of the most popular games played at the casinos in the whole world. You take this popular gambling machine, and a famous TV cartoon together and what have you got? No less than an exciting slot machine game.

I am talking about the new slot machine game in town, entitled The Addams family. If you do not know who the Addams Family are, then I tell you, you are missing on a lot of things.

The Addams Family is television's creepiest family. It is a cartoon of a one of a kind family, and it is funny in a weird sense. The characters are dressed like they came from Halloween, that is why the Addams family members are staple costumes in Halloween parties.

The International Gaming Technology is the one responsible for fusing together a classic cartoon and a classic gambling game. Together, they promise to bring lots of new exciting things to gambling fans out there.

The new slot machine game is played with nickel, which is easy to afford. It comes in three versions, and all of them have three bonus games, namely Fry Fester, Market Madness and Pick to Win.

Fry Fester makes use of the show's popular uncle Fester. In the Addams Family, Uncle Fester is usually the victim of the kids' pranks, but he don't seem to mind really. This is explains why from the title of the bonus game itself, you may have a guess what the game will look like.

Another bonus game in The Addams Family is the Market Madness, with the market representing the stock market. The bonus game's concept is that of deal or no deal, in which Gomez is bargaining with you.

Lastly, you have Pick to Win, in which you have to pick a grave and find out what it contains. It can contain a dollar sign, a collect sign or a next sign. You will want to get a lot of dollar signs and next signs first before getting the collect sign for you to be able to collect lots of money.

This gambling game is fascinating. It even uses the voice of Gomez, so you could feel the real mood of the Addams family. People who grew up watching the show will feel nostalgic once they play this gambling game.